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Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Burn the Qur'an?

Uploaded by Thunderf00t on Apr 15, 2011

Why we Protest.

1) allowing threats of violence to induced the required behavior, especially when that behavior is the compliance with religious dogma, is an atrocious precedent to set.
2) of the limited actions available, defiant non-compliance will publicly show that threats of violence are an ineffective way of trying to threaten the west to comply with Islamic Law.

-The man tellin the truth that many don't want to hear is Sam Harris. Author of 'Letter to a Christian Nation', 'The End of Faith' and 'The Moral Landscape'.

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----I've changed my mind. To be honest, this video changed it for me. Go ahead, burn digital copies of the Koran, shit, burn the real thing, and make sure the world sees it. I will do my part for DMD. Will you?

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