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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Agnostics Suck! - Penn Point

Penn needs to use a single camera, lol. I think the difference between Atheist and Agnostic is specifics. Any god with known traits that defy them does not exist. The Christian god defies his own traits (omniscient being the most prominent), so it does not exist. If you delve into Polytheism, you can do the same for each individual god. Base their existence on the traits set, and eliminate what does not fit, and keep those who do. Simple.

This is where the Agnostic bit comes about. Perhaps there is a being that holds the power of a god, and upholds many traits of them. Fine. However, if this being does not conform to the traits of a specific god, say Allah, than Allah can not be believed in. You can still believe in the being you found that does exist, but only with the traits you have proven...

Yes, I lost my place there... But I think it should be easy enough to follow, lol

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