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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Tram Experience

---I think freedom of speech has very few limits. I do think, however, that shouting racial slurs at people just trying to get home for the night is one of those limits. I can see myself tearing into someone for being a prick or a moron, but verbally attacking people you may never have met before is completely redundant, if not absurdly ignorant. There is a time and place. Have a little class, woman! This also goes for people picketing ANY funeral.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sky News: Church Tells HIV Patients To Stop Treatment

--Anyone who calls themselves faith healers, or homeopathic doctors need to be round up, and tried as murderers. These people are sociopathic. They lie through the suffering of others to get what they want, and that always ends in money. If anyone believes in evil, here it is, folks.

Hitler was a Christian: The Atheist's Favorite LIE (mirrored from Vrodth...

---This is so childish. Anyone with more than a grade school education learned IN THAT SCHOOL that Hitler was a Roman Catholic. There are pictures of him with the damn pope, and audio recording of him talking about god.... not to mention a self written book doing the same. Anyone who believes he was anything other than a Christian is a damn fool.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why is Richard Dawkins so popular?

---Let's start with the word 'argumentation'... does this word actually exist? As for 'Doctor' (my ass) Craig... Has anyone ever seen a more sleazy human being in all their lives? This man looks like he's about to sell you a lemon with a free air freshener. I wouldn't trust that guy with my wallet.

Feeding the Trolls

---I don't usually feed trolls, but I thought this would look good on my blog. Plus I get to school a moron, so hey, win win.

Moron: A question for atheists. In a world where there's no proof of God's existence or of life after death; how will you explain to your children why you brought them into the world and why they will have to die?

Me: To live, love and be happy. How will you explain to your children that you created them to eventually have a 90% chance of burning in hell for the rest of eternity? Technically, it's more like 99%. How many different Christian sects are there now? Unless you are part of the Cult Of Yahweh, you are in the wrong religion. They were the first to believe in your god monotheistically.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

No Apologies - Dogmatic Denial

Uploaded by village1diot on Jan 2, 2011

Is religion to blame for the abuse caused by its church officials and representatives? There seems to be a solid correlation. Whether it is or it is not responsible, the reaction to these crimes from other church officials and even its members has been less than admirable. Some will actually play the "blame game", pointing fingers in every direction, while leaving the victims high and dry. It is yet another slap in the face to humanity by religious representatives.

The list of headlines in this video is far from an exhaustive list. It is a list compiled by Perry Bulwer, B.A., LL.B. on his website

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Liars On YouTube

This is me ranting about people who lie on YouTube and disable comments.

Matt Dillahunty - Greatest Rant Ever

Uploaded by bdwilson1000 on Feb 27, 2011

"I don't want to live in a world where those with power impose their evil intent on the masses and not face any type of consequence. Without God people can easily escape human justice. I can't buy into that." - message from a woman to the Atheist Community of Austin, summarizing her reasons for being a Christian. http://www.atheist-community.org/boards/read_message.php?b=1&t=2001

Who Needs Science?

Uploaded by village1diot on Dec 24, 2010

Every time I hear a person opposing science for religious reasons, I can't help but be amused at the thought of them living without the benefits of science. I guess they can get by with what religion provides. Although, I need help thinking of what that might be.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sean Faircloth, Naked Ladies and Mormons

---I still don't see how, in an otherwise secular society, religion still reigns over the world like big daddy and his belt. Every freedom, it seems, is just to replace a new injustice brought back after good people stopped it years ago. Of course, I am not speaking of the woman with the nude photos, since she is from a part of the world right out of the dark ages.... or bronze... No wonder those people still believe in their gods... no time has passed since the books were written.

Dawkins Dumbfounded by Ignorant Creationist Interviewer

---Holy crap! I just evolved! I grew a third arm! Has anyone ever noticed that every single moron who talks against evolution hasn't got a damned clue what evolution is? Wow! Now I've got a third leg too! Oh, no, that's always been there...

Christopher Hitchens - Christianity is false and immoral

---I do have only one correction, though I think the rest was dead on. Monotheistic religions shame you for sex. Polytheism, as I recall never did. I can only vouch for Wicca, but as I recall, both Greek and Egyptian mythology had no issues with sex whatsoever. To my knowledge, however, every monotheistic religion shames you for it.

More On Angry Atheists - Atheist Experience 506

---What pisses me off the most is when people bring up one argument after another, and you give them answers for all of them, then they bring up 'so who created the big bang?". These people have their script, and the end always starts at the beginning. Having failed over and over, they must bring up something that no one has the answer to.... then they feel like they won. It makes me want to punch them in the head. Hell, it may do them some good...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Can atheists trust their own minds?

---Naturalism relies on science, The very reason science exists is to seek out truths (which are actually called facts). Yes, the reason why our brains evolved to such a state is due to survival. However, our brains have been altered due to life within societies. The brain itself has not changed much since we learned to speak, but we have changed the way we use it. This is why a child can reassemble a computer while his father can't figure out the little 'mouse thingie'.

Kent Hovind and the Cure for Cancer

Uploaded by lefayad1991 on Jun 17, 2011

In an attempt to remake some of my older debunking videos, I have decided to start with this one. Kent Hovind and notorious Hovind parrot Eye2EyeIIIV talk about a miraculous cure for cancer known as B17. In this video, I explain why B17 is bullshit.

Pokemon are EVIL

This is why people like me think most Christians are fucking morons. If you are dumb enough to believe this absolute idiocy, than you have some serious issues.

James Randi's TED overdose trick EXPOSED!

---You cannot overdose on water. Homeopathy is a fraud. It is a placebo that costs this world a fortune. It is as useful as a pet rock.

---"Most homeopathic remedies are so dilute that no molecules of the healing substance remain; however, in homeopathy, it is believed that the substance has left its imprint or "essence," which stimulates the body to heal itself (this theory is called the "memory of water")." I got this as a direct quote from nih dot gov/health/homeopathy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sam Harris How difficult would it be to improve the bible?

They should replace the bible with the Neo-Tech Discoveries. It's just as long, just as annoying to read, but is morally superior, and godless. I have no problems with the bible as a work of fiction. It is when people believe in it's nonsense where the problems start. As far as I am aware, no one has ever been tied to a steak and set on fire over Harry Potter.

Interview with an Idiot

---I commented on a YouTube video not too long ago, and had a reply. Annoyed at this reply, I put in my two cents. Someone came to his defense. This is the conversation thus far.


Me: Has anyone else noticed that most of the people who comment against Atheism either can't spell, put a sentence together, or figure out where the hell the caps lock key is? Don't be a fool, stay in school!

The Great Defender: Don't be so hypocritical. I've seen atheists with spelling and grammar errors. Jesus loves you and wants you to be saved.

Me: I have seen a great many Theists speak as though English was their third language. These tend to be people from middle America, given their phrasing. The older ones tend to write more clearly. As for Atheists, you will likely not see such things by anyone over the age of 16. This is because most Atheists (at least those I have known) take education very seriously. This, in fact, tends to be why we leave religion. Knowing really is half the battle.

---Yes, I was a bit snotty. I get irritated. Tell me what you think.

Anti-vax Goes Commercial - The Atheist Experience #735 (full episode)

---Antivax people are fucking morons. People who throw Pox Parties should never be allowed access to their children. These people are too stupid to trust with their kids. This also, by the way, goes for anyone who thinks faith healing has any legitimacy whatsoever. It doesn't, and you are a fucking moron.

Matt; "The irony of you exsorsizing your free speech to object to ours, is way thick!" ROFL!

The idea of us all living in our own realities is so ignorant that I just pretend these people don't exist at all. The argument actually reminds me of a book I read as a child called Mr Radagast Makes An Unexpected Journey, in which in a lesson about mind over matter, a group of students will their teacher out of existance. It's a cute book, and a cute idea, but it is a story of fiction, and no one should believe it to be true.

I love the Christian 'theithist'. I don't know if I found him as funny as the people in the background on the set laughing their asses off.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Disproving Evolution in Less Than 3 Minutes

---What do you know... another dishonest monotheist... It's so hard to believe...

Ok... I don't understand genetics at quite so small a level, so I will stick to the real world (oops! sorry!). Have you never seen a dog (furry thing, four legs...barks a lot...)? A long time ago, dogs were bread to maintain specific characteristics, which is what split the gene pool so many times, and why there are so many types of dogs. We see the proof of evolution everywhere we look from pets to plants(yes, even bananas...), even to our own skin colours and body types. This is not difficult to understand.

The fact that this video's comments are censored proves that you are lying to your subscribers.

Evolution is Fact, not just a theory.

---Ok, yes, evolution is a fact. It is ALSO a theory. Please don't make the same mistake that idiot creationists do by misunderstanding the word. The general definition of theory is more like guess or idea, but the scientific definition of theory is far different. A scientific theory has been seriously scrutinized by a great deal of people, all trying their best to have a better idea. Scientific theories have a slew of facts to back them up. This is why Evolution is called a theory, because it is proven.

Stupid in America

---No child left behind = No child has to learn, Personally, I think they should privatize all schools, and abolish all the public ones. This way, you get a choice, ALL schools must fight to survive, and no one gets taxed for it. That might sound expensive for the parent, but the new private schools would have to be cheaper just to compete, like any other business. Oh, and the crappy teachers should be junked with the waste. There are so few great teachers that they should be praised like royalty.

3.3.3 Atheism - A History of God part 1 (The Polytheistic Origins of Chr...

Uploaded by bdwilson1000 on Jan 20, 2011

---It occurs to me that, since Yahweh is the god of war... is calling him (Or Allah) a god of peace and love... blasphemous?

Jesus Resurrection Contradictions

There are so many contradictions in the bible, these accounts are a pittance, lol. They don't even agree when he was born! That's what happens when the first account was written 30+ years after the man's death. Funny, it almost seems like these were different stories of different gods bunched together, and edited to pretend there was only one... Just saying...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

God Loves Atheists More than Believers

---Finally a god I could tolerate. Too bad the Christian god is nothing like him. This one seems more Deistic. I will never believe in gods, but this one is at least someone I would not hate myself if I did.

God is Morally Reprehensible - The Atheist Experience 371

---Wow! They really ran out of time, the video ended before the sentence was completed! lol. Personally I think 'nothing' is the perfect afterlife. I would hate heaven. Either it is exactly how it is depicted and I would live an eternity bowing to someone I don't really like, surrounded by people I tend to hate, or you're 'self' is altered to like it, in which I wouldn't be me anymore... I'm not drunk, I just can't put my thoughts in words tonight, lol.

Ugly Kid Joe - GodDamn Devil (Uncensored)

Sean Faircloth Introduces Richard Dawkins in Lynchburg, VA

Uploaded by richarddawkinsdotnet on Nov 14, 2011

Sean Faircloth offers a Ten Point Vision of a Secular America. Sean Faircloth, author of" Attack of the Theocrats", was asked by Richard Dawkins to be opening speaker for the fall 2011 Dawkins book tour. Faircloth, a ten year elected official, has since been hired as Director of Strategy and Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation.

The Great Fail Of Christianity - Atheist Experience 397

---Sometimes I think we forget (at least I do) that there are perfectly good (an normal) Theists out there. About 90% of the time I am dealing with absolute nutters from the right wing. These people want to go back to the dark ages where we burned witches at the stake.

There are still good people out there who simply believe in their gods, and keep the conversation between themselves... It takes some searching sometimes, but they are out there.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Atheism Destroyed in Under 50 seconds

---Ok, this one is just a fucking moron. No further comment necessary.

When Christians get cornered, they get angry. Part 1.

If it's the bible's validity that is in question, don't quote from it to prove your point! There are points to be made outside the bible. How stupid are these people? Christians, if you understand what I mean, you are the proud and the few, so spread the word! If you don't get what I mean... go to school, because you are far too stupid to argue with.

Dumb Things Religious People Say

---Has anyone else noticed that most of the people who comment against Atheism either can't spell, put a sentence together, or figure out where the hell the caps lock key is? Don't be a fool, stay in school!

"Kim Kardashian, Occupy Wall Street, & Credit Default Swaps" - M.O.C. #93

---I think the media has too much invested in these companies to report on them seriously. It's much easier to attack a horrible menacing protester that mouthed off at a cop. I do, however blame the people for watching stupid shit. The intelligence of this country is plummeting because more and more people are sitting on the couch watching 'reality' TV and crap sitcoms, and avoid the news altogether.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


---I laughed my ass off by the end of this one.

Pastor Beats Up Own Gay Son in Church

---Aren't Christians the ones with the objective moral values imbued by their god himself? Oh yeah! I remember those morals... there was some room for interpretation as I recall.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Can atheists give an argument against God?

---This sleaze ball will never approve a comment against his argument...so...

It is perfectly possible to be an Atheist. What was that guy talking about? A Theist is a believer, and Atheist is a non-believer. It's fairly simplistic really. As for the argument against the Christian god, I have none save for the contradictions in the bible. for gods in general, you must remember their origins. The Abrahamic god for instance is one of a number of polytheistic gods. He was considered the greatest of them, so they turned on the others and eventually forgot them.

Scientist Blames Atheists For Misleading People

---A Christian shows us why Atheists think Theists are fucking morons.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Smart little girl challenges athiest teacher

Another lying Christian disabled comments and ratings. Isn't it funny how few Atheists (I haven't found one yet) do this. Anyway, this 'video' story is very childish. The uploader seems to think that Atheists do not believe in his god for no other reason than they can't see it. Well, he makes it sound that way. In reality, he is pretending that he thinks so to make Atheists look stupid.

In reality (what a concept!) Atheists don't believe in gods because there is no evidence whatsoever to prove their existence. We don't have to see a man's brain to know he has one, because we have seen them before, and observe him using it. Also, in most cases, people's religions are contrary to themselves. The bible for instance (since I've not read any other monotheistic texts), has many contradicting stories, and many things defy proven science and morality.

Schooling a dumb atheist :D

---Rape and murder are sanctioned by your god. As for being an asshole, and too stupid to edit video correctly... that's all you buddy.

Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism

---This guy chooses his words like Shakespeare.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dillahunty rips a theist part 3

---One of the things I love about life is it's mysteries. There are many questions was very complete answers, and there are many with almost none. The latter are my favorite because you get to seek the answers out. Not knowing an answer is no reason to create one arbitrarily. Remember that the monotheistic gods were once polytheistic. People had gods to answer every question they didn't know the answers to. What makes lightning? Zeus! What controls the ocean? Poseidon! Think for yourself!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Richard Dawkins Slams Bill O'Reilly

---Anyone who thinks that Hitler was an Atheist needs to go back to GRADE SCHOOL. Damn, that man is a moron! As for the founding fathers... Many were Deists, and most of them pulled for a secular society due to the horrific nature of the church where they came from.

Matt Dillahunty owned & exposed

---How exactly has Matt been 'owned' in this video? The bible is being quoted without proof of it's validity. I can find quotes in any book that can show that Jesus himself is evil. It means nothing. Hell, I can quote the bible and show that Jesus was a false profit. Quoting the bible to dismiss someone who is questioning that same bible's validity is completely redundant.

ATHEISTS: "Who Created God?"

---Well, this video allowed me to post, but looking at the posts below me, I doubt seriously it's going to stick, so...

Whether or not it was a god that created the big bang, and I doubt that idea altogether, it could not be the Christian god. Put as simply as I can, the Christian god has a story, and the Big Bang is not a part of it. Biblical scholars have narrowed the chronology of everything to 4000 to 6000 years, at which time, everything was created within a week's time. Either Genesis happened or the Big Bang, not both. If the Big Bang happened, and a god did it, than it was not the Christian Abrahamic god.

Richard Dawkins Is Too Emotional and Dishonest about William Lane Craig ...

---Another liar not allowing responses he doesn't like. So.....

Dawkins was not speaking of that little speech of Craig's. He was referring to the fact that Craig is a Christian and is trying to prove his god's existence. Just because he didn't mention it in that clip (very cute cut and paste by the way), does not mean his goals are any different. As for Craig's point... It's wishful thinking. If I believe that fairies exist, and will protect me.... it does not mean that it's true.

Pale Blue Dot: YouTube's Atheists Remember Carl Sagan (MIRROR)

Uploaded by TheLivingDinosaur on Nov 8, 2011

I was honored to be asked to participate in this project by the user lefayad1991, whose excellent idea it was. The project included many excellent YouTubers to whom I am subscribed, but also several of which I was unaware. I've corrected that now, but would strongly recommend that you check them out and see if they are to your taste.

You can find the original video here:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fox news: What do Atheists do in Crisis?

---2:25 was funny as hell. If someone believes in a spiritual life, does that count for every single religion? Every monotheistic religion believes that all others are fictional. This means that they cannot be 'spiritual'. So the Atheist is obviously wrong.... when speaking of that person's spiritual life, just not the rest of the world. This was quite funny, lol!

Rally for Reason

Uploaded by AronRa on Nov 7, 2011

I want the skeptical/atheist community to as obvious and politically influential as we can be. So I'm inviting everyone to the Reason Rally in Washington DC,
...and the national convention of American Atheists in Bethesda Maryland.

The best 'damned' people will be there!

---Sorry Aron, but the bird stole the spotlight, lol. Too cute! I think we should be trying to find the best of us, and pushing them towards politics. These rallies are a great idea, but I doubt it scares the higher ups. We need bright people that don't believe in unicorns holding office as soon as humanly possible. Maybe with enough of us we can drown out the voices of the lying elite.

AronRa on 'the Con Job"

---I will call a guy a moron if he's a moron, but that doesn't really bother me. What has always pissed me off is some snake oil salesman with a schoolboy's grin blatantly lying to a flock of people too ignorant to know any better. These people tend to have very little money to spare, and they still fork it over to their church. That is the end of the line. About 90% of that money does not go any further than that church. It disgusts me.

Richard Dawkins says he won't debate William Lane Craig

---There is no reason for a scientist to debate a creationist. A creationist omits and manipulates scientific fact, or simply disregards large chunks of it as a whole. Young Earthers are the latter, disregarding several fields of study including geology and paleontology to support why the earth is only 4-6000 years old. Why bother debating someone with science if that person doesn't care about science anyway?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

GENESIS Part 10: Evolution leads to Atheism. EXPELLED CLIPS.

--I think the basics of it are obvious. Learning about reality leads to leaving fantasy. It's not rocket science.

The Right to Die

---This was just a quick conversation with a random YouTuber.

Actually, for once, I only partially agree with Criss. I think (though still dependent on age), nothing whatsoever matters in the decision to end your life. I believe that anyone can decide at any point for any reason. Dying is scary enough without red tape.

Mr Random;
Seriously though I don't think those suffering mental illness should be allowed to be euthanised because the rational choice may be influenced or directly changed. Physical pain, okay sure if they're going to die anyway...

The problem with that is mental illness, though sometimes controlled, can't truly be cured. What if someone has an illness which makes him prone to extreme paranoia and fear, and no medication has worked, save to put him in a vegetative state? That leads me to the elderly. At a certain point, many suffer mental illness. How many people do you think would rather die than forget their own children? Just a thought.

God, a Logical Fail (Richard Dawkins)

Uploaded by bdwilson1000 on May 17, 2011

An excerpt from Chapter 2 of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Evolutionists Get Owned By Creationists on BBC TV Show

---"Where does the new information come from?" lol! Obviously, the only types of human are tall, and white with brown hair and green eyes. And no human has ever been born with a tail.... or dwarfism....

The very idea of a young earth is completely idiotic. All evidence is to the contrary, so the very idea is pathetic. As for the pseudo scientist with the feather, I can see where he gets his assumption, however, it is not that simple. Unnatural complexity reveals design, but natural complexity reveals a long process of evolution.

The Reason Rally!

Uploaded by Thunderf00t on Nov 5, 2011

The largest rationalist/ secular/ atheist rally ever.

Come out at this rally!

This will be an iconic event. I'm going to be there. Will you?

The Fundamentalist Argument for Creationism - The Atheist Experience #483

Tracy was so funny!! She just kept on trying to hear that idiot out. I think Matt was actually in pain listening to this crap though, lol. Just an FYI to creationists.... They may call it 'creation science' but that doesn't make it actual science. A turd by any other name, is still a turd. If you want to learn about science, talk to a scientist. If you want to learn about mythology, talk to a priest.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet

---Fuck jail. This man and his wife need to be beaten to death. This is one case where I would have no problem whatsoever with stoning.

Re-election? Are people out of their fucking minds? Sting these two up, and use them as pinatas! Let's see what goodies we can get out of them!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ep 1: Waking Up in the Universe - Growing Up in the Universe - Richard D...

Uploaded by richarddawkinsdotnet on Feb 7, 2009


Oxford professor Richard Dawkins presents a series of lectures on life, the universe, and our place in it. With brilliance and clarity, Dawkins unravels an educational gem that will mesmerize young and old alike. Illuminating demonstrations, wildlife, virtual reality, and special guests (including Douglas Adams) all combine to make this collection a timeless classic.

Discovering Religion: Ep 22 - Moral Absolutes and The Motivation to be M...

--I think it is fairly simple. If you require a moral dictator than you are either insane, fundamentally immoral, or simply too stupid to figure it out for yourself. Growing up a Catholic, I thought that, although Hitler didn't understand the bible, he was a true believer and did what he did out of reverence for his god. When I read the bible for the first time, I realized he was following his bible fairly well, and the bible itself was at fault.

This is the same story in many cases. Any radical religious group that is prone to terrorism is not immoral in reference to the gods that they believe in. Muslim terrorists are perfectly moral according to their holy texts. Christian crusaders were just in slaughtering all those innocent people according to the bible. Those batshit Westbury Baptist people are also perfectly moral according to the bible.

It is the good, peaceful people that are immoral, if they follow an Abrahamic religion. Unless you are killing people for your god, you are corrupt, and defying you're lord and savior.

The only true morality is that of secular logic.

Discovering Religion: Ep 22 - Moral Absolutes and The Motivation to be M...

Uploaded by DiscoveringReligion on Nov 1, 2011

The twenty-second installment of my original series, "Discovering Religion". In this two part episode I examine the concept of moral absolutes and ultimately where our sense of right and wrong is derived. To illustrate this concept, I pose two question to theists:

"Why is adultery immoral?" and "Would it be moral to kill your child if God command you to?"

Which do you think is the most dangerous religion?

If you had to choose one and only one religion to survive, which would you allow?