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Monday, April 4, 2011

I have heard many times of 'photographic evidence' of angels, elves, or ghosts. Of course, anyone who knows even a little bit about photography can debunk these myths. A camera is a very funny little gadget. It has it's little quirks, and a digital camera tends to have even more.

The pictures above are taken from a single photo shot with a digital camera. I was not trying to get these pics, it was dumb luck. The first, yellow pic, was the original. I was taking a picture of a friend and saw a bunch of glare when it came out. I ran it through Photoshop, and all I did was remove the color to get picture number 2. This looks like very realistic 'photographic evidence' of a demon with a scythe. It is very convincing.

Most people, of course would take this as proof of the supernatural. They would not bother asking what was going on during the time the picture was taken. Well, two of us were smoking, and I had a candle burning (one of the ones that takes away the scent of cigarette smoke). The smoke from these three items were captured by the camera drifting up into the air.

Camera glare is the leading 'proof' of ghosts that I have seen. There have been lots of 'angels' in the light of streetlamps just just happen to be caught by the camera lens. As cool as it tends to look, and as much as your imagination can mess with your head, this is still a matter of glare on a lens... It is fun to see though!


  1. I love your avatar, but what's with the name? :-)

  2. What is wrong with my name? lol


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