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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Steve Mcgee - Don't own me

Uploaded by stevemcgeemcg on Mar 23, 2011

Don't Own me. ( PLEASE READ )

A new music video production cooked up by song writer
and video director Steve Mcgee

Bringing you Music For Truth.
Slapping you in the gut with human beans in tomato sauce.

A baked bean on the run from a crazy world.

This is a story of a human bean escaping the tin-can, and once free'. . . finds life "in the can" wasn't quite what it was made out to be.

A song with seriousness and comedy. . .

Featured in this track.

Song writer and lyrical artist - Ben Blue

Singer and vocalist - Joanne Clark

A freedom forces production.

Steve's new 10 track album and single is available here -


Its really up to you whether you purchase the album. The project was not made to gain profit in anyway.. (its all about the message).. but for me to keep producing big productions like this i do need some support or founding from somewhere... it would really help in a great way.

The album you purchase also includes free dvd, the free dvd includes loads of crazy out takes and clips from the making of (don't own me) and an hour long documented interview with a number of world views talked about and documented by Steve Mcgee.

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