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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If Atheists Went to Heaven

Uploaded by DarkMatter2525 on Feb 11, 2010

All your favorite atheists meet God...
And they got a few bones to pick.


This just about sums it up:
"It would take a sick bastard to enjoy heaven while people are burning in hell."

If you believe in heaven and hell, do you dismiss God's tyrannical treatment of others because you "love" Him, or because you're chicken shit? It's time to grow a backbone and realize that it's just a myth.

Fun facts: it took over 200 files, 25GB of info, to create this animation. Mrs.DarkMatter plays one of the religious nuts at the beginning. The story was by DarkMatter, but everybody pitched in with some great extra lines. Oh, and Azrienoch's wee wee is probably perfectly adequate.

This was a worldwide collaboration: Texas, Maryland, Washington, Florida, Philadelphia, Canada, England, New York, and Denmark.

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