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Saturday, December 31, 2011

DAWKINS PUBLICLY SPANKED!!! Who Designed the Designer?

---The fact that we are here because this environment is the only place we could exist, was never meant as a proof against a designer, it simply negates certain questions of 'perfect placement'. The question of whether evolution explains the existence of life is ridiculous. It doesn't, and was never meant to. That is Abiogenesis. He's quoting 'John' to prove that the god is eternal... Ok. I can quote Lewis Carrol to prove that the Cheshire Cat can disappear. So what?

I love the fact that the uploader is stating that Dawkins was 'spanked' by this idiot. Isn't it funny how we don't hear Dawkins rebuttal?

Eddie Izzard's Noah's Ark

You can never go wrong with Izzard. I can watch this guy all day. Funny as shit!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 questions for atheists

---I'm only answering one because I have a big mouth and tend to be quite wordy... Also I am too lazy to go back and take notes. The kid seems honest enough. He allowed comments, and seems to be seeking answers... though this was a few years ago.

More of a problem, Christianity or Christians... Christians. As we know from the vast amount of sects Christianity has, it can be manipulated to suit the needs of anyone. Though, in general, it has it's problems (The allowance of evil for one), but all can be maintained. Christians on the other hand, though diverse, follow an ever narrowing creed.

I come from a family of Born Agains. I have studied the way they act in different areas of their lives. Once anything even hints at changing one of their views, their entire personality changes. They become headstrong and defiant. What is worse, they will immediately call you a deviant for not believing as they do on any number of subjects. The fact that you are an Atheist means you are automatically wrong.

I do not worship the devil (or believe in one for that matter), nor am I trying to form a cult that opposes the Christian god. In fact, I don't oppose theism at all for the most part. I appose the details. I hate that people that know nothing of evolution are trying to get it replaced by mythology. I hate that a number of my friends can't get married legally because some piece of trash is pissing on the constitution. No good can come from religion in the end. It's a bane on civilization

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christianty: The Good The Bad And The Oblivious

---This is a conversation between me and a coworker about Christianity in general

Minister becomes an atheist The Atheist Experience #627

---Horrific audio, by the way... I've never seen this clip. I loved it. At first I thought for sure that guy was a Poe, but in the end he seemed legit. It's a wonderful thing to hear that a good person is no longer challenged by barbaric beliefs. Now he can live his life to the fullest. He can live, love, and learn to his heart's content. Few people, especially in America or some 3rd world countries, can claim that freedom. Who knows, maybe he will make is own AE show.

William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens (HQ)

Craig is so full of it his eyes are brown. As for the idea that a reason for living can be an imaginary god,... it's ludicrous. People live for their loved ones, and themselves, and to see the future, and learn everything they can take in. That is life. Praying to an invisible djinn is not life, it is sickness.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christians Should Control Government - Michele Bachmann & Dominionism

---Although I'd have denied it as nonsense some years ago, I think the church is actually succeeding in taking over the US. I also think that there will be nowhere to hide if it becomes complete. Just imagine Bachmann having access to 'the button'...

Once the Right takes over, America completely, what's to stop them from taking out other countries one by one, by order of preference? How many people reading this recall how well W listened to the U.N.?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Atheism a Militant and Bigoted Ideology? Bill Maher Demonstrates

-- Comment pending approval. We all know what that means. So... here was my comment.

Ok, Christianity tends to kill more people than it 'helps', leaves others miserable, and pretty much causes some sort of chaos everywhere on this planet. That woman has a problem understanding the word deluded. It means prone to fantasy, not stupid. Theists are not stupid, but they are deluded. Atheism doesn't make people angry. Seeing religion for what it really is makes us angry.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Truth About War With Iran -- M.O.C. #102

Uploaded by LeeCamp2 on Dec 21, 2011

Our government seems to be trumping up the idea of war with Iran. This is yet another example of the fact that we don't have democracy when it comes to foreign policy. (The next episode of the Moment of Clarity podcast includes guest John Oliver from The Daily Show.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goodbye Hassan (CEMBadmins)

Uploaded by Coughlan000 on Dec 20, 2011

Go and pay your respects http://www.youtube.com/user/CEMBadmins
Original video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra9QQ58b7JY

Resurrection: Was Jesus A Twin?

---What's the harm? Well... If IDers and Creationists (same damn thing) get their way, ID will be taught in every school, and eventually replace evolution entirely (If their plans go exactly right). This means that, if you live in America in 50 or so years, you may have no real doctors, and no one with any real concept of medicine. How would you like to go to a 'doctor', find out you have cancer, and get prescribed St Johns Wort? Think about that... really really hard...

Crazy Caller #26 - Do You Believe In Leprechauns? - Atheist Experience 405

---That caller sounds like the parodies from In Living Color. 'If you are only listening to the evidencial hypocracies of the facts there in, you are not believing in the metaphoric trancicicties of the truth!'. ...Yes, it did hurt a little writing that... As for his idea of believing in dinosaurs without evidence, they both let it slide. That one, I'd have shoved right up his ass. Too stupid for words. How did he even dial the phone?

Theists are offended by Atheists who think they are stupid. They wonder why we think this. Here is a blatant example for you. I admit, this one seems abnormally ignorant, but not hearing much better answers than this guy's for far more educated people just screams... 'Why the hell would anyone in their right minds believe this crap??'.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bill O'Reilly & Kirk Cameron On Gay Protesters

---I don't believe in censorship. About 99% of the time, I would fight for someone's rights to speak whether I agree or not. O'Reily, and Cameron are in that one percent that I would shut up given half the chance. There is a difference between stating your opinion and showboating to the masses like Dr Craig. It's the oily smiles on the three of them that just screams LIAR.

Friday, December 16, 2011

On the Death of Christopher Hitchens (and Christians praising him)

--- This is why I have no sympathy for Christians. So much for Christian morality. This asshole just disproved it in one video! Thanks asshole!

As of this morning, the asshole sent me a message, then immediately blocked me. ("Your a cootie head! NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!!!" *Runs*) Ok, fine. I will address the point here.

@KeithTruth I see, you are one of those "Christian" cults like like the Born Agains that separated from the flock huh? You do realize that every time you reinvent your religion, you pretty much make up a new god to worship? Honestly think about it. As the cults divided over the years, Yahweh has become weaker and weaker. I guess you 'Christians' are starting to learn just how ridiculous the bible is, and interpreting it with a grain of salt, lmao!

Remembering Christopher Hitchens - Hitchslapping Circumcision!

Uploaded by freedom0speech on Dec 16, 2011

17 packed minutes of Christopher Hitchens utterly hitchslapping the idea of mutilating childrens genitals.

Thank You Christopher! We will continue the fight to stop forced genital cutting of children.

Christopher Hitchens died at 62 years of age today:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Belief. Knowledge. Agnosticism.

I do think it's possible to be a Gnostic Atheist, though the sound of it does bother me. It is perfectly possible to know that a god does not exist, as long as you are specific as to which god you are referring. For instance, certain Monotheistic gods (depending on which cult you are in) have one well known attribute. 'God is and always has been the the one and only god.' This is simply wrong, and CAN be disproven since those gods were originally Polytheistic.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Atheists I have a quick question for you....

--I don't speak for everyone. Personally, I've seen so much grief that religion (Not just Chrsitianity) causes, that I feel like bursting with anger and sadness. Though I have no problem disproving the gods, it would not matter to me if they were real. What happens after death is none of my concern. Gay bashing, Witch burning, stoning, genital mutilation... These things have no place in a world without believers, so it is a world without believers that I strive every day to create.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


--- I garentee this post is going to be deleted at some point, so I am re-posting it here.

I think it's childish to believe in something just because it COULD be true. It's like buying flood insurance for your new house on Everest. Regardless, which god is this supposed to be exactly? Every sect of Christianity has a different version of the same god, to fit every need. This does not make it real. Zeus throws lightning. Lightning exists, so Zeus is real. It makes no sense.

Also, the very fact that apologists and philosophers have to go all the way back to THE BEGINNING OF TIME ITSELF because every other question has already been answered by science proves to me that there is no reason whatsoever to believe in any sort of 'creator'.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rick Perry defends anti-gay ad 'Strong', says people should not have 'fr...

---The government won't support religion? You don't say! It's not supposed to, you moron. Church < State. Any kid can pray in school. It is their right as it has always been. SCHOOLS cannot, however, force a child to pray, which is, I believe what you want. President Obama is not attacking religion... I wish he would... Particularly, I think he should be attacking liars like Perry with agendas.

Holy Hallucinations 29

It is becoming clearer now that only creationists come directly from monkeys... Perhaps by just a few generations.

What Evidence Can Prove God? - Atheist Experience 347

---I think it is fairly simple. You can't rule out all gods, but you can disprove many of them one by one. Gods have limits. They are limited to the characteristics that their religions give them. Disprove them, and the god and religion are proven wrong. All Abrahamic religions that believe their god was and is the one and only are wrong because the gods came from polytheism, and manipulated over the millenia. There you go, I ruled out about 80% of the gods. Simple.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dusty Explains The Pyramids!

Uploaded by CultOfDusty on Dec 9, 2011

Did ancient societies posses secret knowledge beyond our most brilliant modern scientist? Or is there a much, MUCH simpler explanation for the creation of the Pyramids? Dusty reveals all!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rick Perry - Derp

---He might as well have said "I am a homosexual who is afraid of homosexuals, and I want all children brainwashed by the time they reach highschool. I'm a twat, and I wrote this message."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Destroying The Internet As We Know It? - M.O.C. #98

Uploaded by LeeCamp2 on Dec 7, 2011

Two bills before Congress could destroy the internet as we know it. But you know the worst part about it? Watch the video... [check out my interview with Janeane Garofalo on the Moment of Clarity podcast on iTunes or www.LeeCamp.net]

Spiritual Warfare

This story is about a Christian movement called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). After listening to the interview, I no longer have the slightest fear of Islamic terrorism. These Christians are trying to take dominion (Their word, not mine) over the world. Some phrases I kept hearing were spiritual warfare, demonic possession, and end times.

I think I can make an educated prediction. I think the NAR will be the future of terrorism. Read the story. Listen to the interview. This is not something to dismiss.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Would Gorilla199 Do?

---I am posting here, because YouTube is, once again fucked up. This again proves that you FIX SHIT BEFORE UPGRADING IT!!!!

My Comment: If any of those lizard people look like Morena Bacarin, let the invasion begin. I would submit, among other things. I freely admit that I am an Atheist Pagan. who worships the devil. LMAO. I am also a Mormon Buddhist who worships Zeus. I do love the fact that to worship Jesus and his rod and his staff, you must be on your knees. This greatly explains why he has so many long conversations with Mary Madelyn.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jamy Ian Swiss - In Pursuit of Psychics | For Good Reason

Uploaded by JamesRandiFoundation on Dec 5, 2011

Famed magician Jamy Ian Swiss sits down with D.J. Grothe to talk about psychics. As an advisor to the James Randi Educational Foundation, Swiss helped put self-proclaimed psychics to the test on ABC's "Primetime Nightline". He discusses the phenomenon of celebrity psychics and why their claims should be challenged. But are all psychics knowing charlatans? Swiss says no, but even the self-deluded have the capacity to do harm to an unknowing public.

Oxford Atheist Calls Richard Dawkins "Coward" for Not Debating William L...

I honestly don't think that Craig is a believer. I think it's blatantly obvious that he is bullshitting his audience with big words (a few of which are in no dictionary I could find). I wouldn't debate him either. He has no argument, and if one is proposed to him, he intentionally misinterprets it. Look what he did with Scott Clifton. He's a liar, and nothing more. Few true believers are quite that public to begin with.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Darwinian evolution gets peer reviewed!!!

This is a fabulous example of manipulation. Basically, a form of argumentum ad populum, creationists found 300 'scientists' who signed this petition against evolution. Now, let's assume for the sake f argument that they all knew what the hell they were signing (And this in itself is doubt-able to an extent). They found 300 'scientists'.

There are many fields of study in the realms of science from chemistry to astronomy. Exactly how many of these people were biologists or paleontologists? In other words, how many of these people actually had a clue what evolution was about? I'm a computer geek. This doesn't mean I have a damn clue how to build a calculator. A computer is a machine. I also have no clue how to rebuild a cars engine. My vote on whether Audi has the most dependable car is utterly useless.

As for the number... They found 300 names. How many scientists are their in the world? A great many people become scientists in one form or another. I would say that about 60 percent of the planet have jobs in the scientific fields.

Real science had a rebuttal to this, and people created a new petition. They had scientists who were in favor of evolution sign this list. There was a catch, however, and only scientists named Steve (or a variation of this) were allowed to sign, thus giving it the title 'Project Steve'. As of 2011 there has been about 1170 scientists named Steve who have signed in favor of evolution.

75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police

Does anyone remember when cops were the good guys? What the fuck happened? I seem to recall that people were saying to make recordings of their own encounters so that when a cop beats the shit out of you (Can't we all just get along?) you can have evidence. As it turns out, you can be prosecuted for that alone.

This is America. As Americans we have the right, and the obligation to fight this. What kind of nation do you want your kids to grow up in? I say fight, or get the fuck out of dodge.

Which do you think is the most dangerous religion?

If you had to choose one and only one religion to survive, which would you allow?