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Saturday, April 16, 2011

ATHEISTS: How To Make Their Heads Explode

-----As flawed as that argument is, I happened to like this video. I had a couple of good laughs, lol. The fact is, the very question is a redundancy. The fact is, we don't know. It's simple, and strait forward. If someone says they know, they are lying. We also don't HAVE to know. Science does not add information to make it true. We can't just say 'god did it' and expect intelligent people to accept it. That is lazy.

The fact is, there are things science has not explained....YET. Science is a slow moving process, and there is a lot of date to sift through. One of the very reasons that some things have not been answered is Christians have stunted science since the dark ages by burning books, and doing things like burning scientists at the stake for heresy, and now, adding creationism...sorry,...'intell­igent design' to the school curriculum rather than proven science.

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