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Friday, April 8, 2011

Archbishop Gets Cream Pied

Uploaded by manlioman on Apr 7, 2011

BRUSSELS - The Belgian Catholic church is facing law suits from lawyers to compensate victims of a massive child sex abuse scandals going back decades, with more than 500 cases documented by a church-backed commission last year.

The head of Belgium's Roman Catholic Church Andre-Joseph Leonard enraged gays last year when he suggested AIDS stemmed from the wrath of God, labeling the AIDS disease as "a sort of intrinsic justice."

One of those who ran up and slapped a custard pie in Leonard's face told Belgian media that "for all those homosexuals who dare not tell their parents they are gay, for all those young girls who want to have an abortion, he absolutely deserved it."

It is not the first time Archbishop Andrè-Joseph Leonard receives this treatment for his position regarding AIDS, abortion and pedofilia scandals which have rocked the belgian community.

The Cardinal has been hit in the face with custard pies in Louvain-la-Neuve upon his arrival for a debate.
The people responsible for throwing the pies in Archbishop Leonard's face (four times) are led by a renowned Belgian prankster who called out "Let's pie him! Let's pie the homophobic preditor!". They were able to pie his face 4 times after the controversies of the Cardinal's new anti-abortion stances.

---I of course would never approve of such indecent behavior......ROFL!! Go get em!!!!

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