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Friday, November 11, 2011

Smart little girl challenges athiest teacher

Another lying Christian disabled comments and ratings. Isn't it funny how few Atheists (I haven't found one yet) do this. Anyway, this 'video' story is very childish. The uploader seems to think that Atheists do not believe in his god for no other reason than they can't see it. Well, he makes it sound that way. In reality, he is pretending that he thinks so to make Atheists look stupid.

In reality (what a concept!) Atheists don't believe in gods because there is no evidence whatsoever to prove their existence. We don't have to see a man's brain to know he has one, because we have seen them before, and observe him using it. Also, in most cases, people's religions are contrary to themselves. The bible for instance (since I've not read any other monotheistic texts), has many contradicting stories, and many things defy proven science and morality.

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