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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sean Faircloth, Naked Ladies and Mormons

---I still don't see how, in an otherwise secular society, religion still reigns over the world like big daddy and his belt. Every freedom, it seems, is just to replace a new injustice brought back after good people stopped it years ago. Of course, I am not speaking of the woman with the nude photos, since she is from a part of the world right out of the dark ages.... or bronze... No wonder those people still believe in their gods... no time has passed since the books were written.

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  1. Enjoyed the the insightful comments and I think that's the major problem right now. However, it seems politics will persistently try to remain the same way intra and internationally. The only way I believe for society to cope with this is through education and science.

    Thumbs up for Richard Dawkins!!


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