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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Right to Die

---This was just a quick conversation with a random YouTuber.

Actually, for once, I only partially agree with Criss. I think (though still dependent on age), nothing whatsoever matters in the decision to end your life. I believe that anyone can decide at any point for any reason. Dying is scary enough without red tape.

Mr Random;
Seriously though I don't think those suffering mental illness should be allowed to be euthanised because the rational choice may be influenced or directly changed. Physical pain, okay sure if they're going to die anyway...

The problem with that is mental illness, though sometimes controlled, can't truly be cured. What if someone has an illness which makes him prone to extreme paranoia and fear, and no medication has worked, save to put him in a vegetative state? That leads me to the elderly. At a certain point, many suffer mental illness. How many people do you think would rather die than forget their own children? Just a thought.

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