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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hitler was a Christian: The Atheist's Favorite LIE (mirrored from Vrodth...

---This is so childish. Anyone with more than a grade school education learned IN THAT SCHOOL that Hitler was a Roman Catholic. There are pictures of him with the damn pope, and audio recording of him talking about god.... not to mention a self written book doing the same. Anyone who believes he was anything other than a Christian is a damn fool.


  1. And anyone who reads his letters or "Table Talk", the book written about Hitler's interactions with his inner circle will realize that he was not a Christian, but simply using the forms as a tool. Go beyond the grade school education in which you learned that he was Catholic.

  2. I've never read Table Talk, nor do I care to. It was edited by three different men in three different languages long after Hitlers death (A bit like the gospels in this respect). Also, there is some argument as to how reliable the transcriber was, and the fact that all of the notes originally taken were in shorthand.

    In other words, just because someone said in a book at some point that Hitler may not have been Christian, due to the fact that the book is an unreliable source, it is not noteworthy and proves nothing.

    On the other hand, Hitler's own autobiography Mein Kampf is a perfectly reliable source as it was written by the man himself. It makes no reference to the idea of him not being Christian, in fact, it mentions the opposite.

    Perhaps, you should have paid more attention in that grade school you spoke of, instead of reading (sure you did)someone's own form of propaganda in order to save his religion from being tarnished.


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