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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anti-vax Goes Commercial - The Atheist Experience #735 (full episode)

---Antivax people are fucking morons. People who throw Pox Parties should never be allowed access to their children. These people are too stupid to trust with their kids. This also, by the way, goes for anyone who thinks faith healing has any legitimacy whatsoever. It doesn't, and you are a fucking moron.

Matt; "The irony of you exsorsizing your free speech to object to ours, is way thick!" ROFL!

The idea of us all living in our own realities is so ignorant that I just pretend these people don't exist at all. The argument actually reminds me of a book I read as a child called Mr Radagast Makes An Unexpected Journey, in which in a lesson about mind over matter, a group of students will their teacher out of existance. It's a cute book, and a cute idea, but it is a story of fiction, and no one should believe it to be true.

I love the Christian 'theithist'. I don't know if I found him as funny as the people in the background on the set laughing their asses off.

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