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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Discovering Religion: Ep 22 - Moral Absolutes and The Motivation to be M...

--I think it is fairly simple. If you require a moral dictator than you are either insane, fundamentally immoral, or simply too stupid to figure it out for yourself. Growing up a Catholic, I thought that, although Hitler didn't understand the bible, he was a true believer and did what he did out of reverence for his god. When I read the bible for the first time, I realized he was following his bible fairly well, and the bible itself was at fault.

This is the same story in many cases. Any radical religious group that is prone to terrorism is not immoral in reference to the gods that they believe in. Muslim terrorists are perfectly moral according to their holy texts. Christian crusaders were just in slaughtering all those innocent people according to the bible. Those batshit Westbury Baptist people are also perfectly moral according to the bible.

It is the good, peaceful people that are immoral, if they follow an Abrahamic religion. Unless you are killing people for your god, you are corrupt, and defying you're lord and savior.

The only true morality is that of secular logic.

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