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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crazy Caller #26 - Do You Believe In Leprechauns? - Atheist Experience 405

---That caller sounds like the parodies from In Living Color. 'If you are only listening to the evidencial hypocracies of the facts there in, you are not believing in the metaphoric trancicicties of the truth!'. ...Yes, it did hurt a little writing that... As for his idea of believing in dinosaurs without evidence, they both let it slide. That one, I'd have shoved right up his ass. Too stupid for words. How did he even dial the phone?

Theists are offended by Atheists who think they are stupid. They wonder why we think this. Here is a blatant example for you. I admit, this one seems abnormally ignorant, but not hearing much better answers than this guy's for far more educated people just screams... 'Why the hell would anyone in their right minds believe this crap??'.

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