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Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 questions for atheists

---I'm only answering one because I have a big mouth and tend to be quite wordy... Also I am too lazy to go back and take notes. The kid seems honest enough. He allowed comments, and seems to be seeking answers... though this was a few years ago.

More of a problem, Christianity or Christians... Christians. As we know from the vast amount of sects Christianity has, it can be manipulated to suit the needs of anyone. Though, in general, it has it's problems (The allowance of evil for one), but all can be maintained. Christians on the other hand, though diverse, follow an ever narrowing creed.

I come from a family of Born Agains. I have studied the way they act in different areas of their lives. Once anything even hints at changing one of their views, their entire personality changes. They become headstrong and defiant. What is worse, they will immediately call you a deviant for not believing as they do on any number of subjects. The fact that you are an Atheist means you are automatically wrong.

I do not worship the devil (or believe in one for that matter), nor am I trying to form a cult that opposes the Christian god. In fact, I don't oppose theism at all for the most part. I appose the details. I hate that people that know nothing of evolution are trying to get it replaced by mythology. I hate that a number of my friends can't get married legally because some piece of trash is pissing on the constitution. No good can come from religion in the end. It's a bane on civilization

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