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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why debating at 2:AM is a bad idea

Why debating at 2am is a bad idea....
by Lukus Joshua Black on Sunday, 28 February 2010 at 02:24
A friend and I are on the same side, debating some theists on youtube. At 2:00am out brains have gone someplace happy, and someone suggests that taking morals from the bible is about as logical as taking them from the Maytag Washer manual....It got worse....lol

"No no, im an atheist. I was just saying the bible itself is real. "

"A maytag washer manual is real too. Yet I wouldn't look for a moral code in that book either. People should remember that the word bible is just the greek word biblios - meaning simply book. It's a book. Don't ride the short yellow bus and be one of them people! Read it, then discard. Repeat if necessary."

"I'd rather search for morals in the Maytag Manual, lol "

"And lo - the repairman sayeth: Thou shalt not mix thine whites with thine colors - for it is an abomination in the eyes of thy warrantee"

"And he speaketh to me.....The might and valor of Clorox hath smite the stains of the wicked!"

"And the repairman saw the tub assembly was dark and without form. So he sayeth "let there be a rinse cycle!" and it was good. Verily say the repairman. A wash."

"And the Lint Lord sayeth... He who doth put in two socks, shall sacrafice one to him. Tis a miracle to behold. Two doth go in, one doth come out.....Do I here an Amen???"

-lol, Just thought you'd enjoy that.

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