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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fight Or Flight?

As many know already, Wisconsin is having a protest battle of their very own. "Sorry,...did You say...Wisconsin?". Yes, that's right, a place you rarely hear of is now huge news. Basically, there is a 'new' idea from the republican party to ass rape the working class in order to get out of debt. To keep it simple, they want to cut people's salaries, then take away union rights to fight it, making it damn near impossible for those salaries to ever be reinstated.

Now, Wisconsin democratic half of government was not in favor of this. They were so against it, that instead of voting it down, which could have been a toss up with the republicans, they decided to ditch. That's right, the democratic senators of Wisconsin fled the state! This means, without a full roster, the bill can not be voted on.

Of course the people (you know, those mindless puppets that wouldn't even notice when their rights are being taken away) caught wind of this whole fiasco and started protesting. I read in one article that there are so many protesters that the number of teachers alone shut down the states education department. President Obama himself has spoken out against the bill calling it an attack on unions.

The part that hit me the most was the democratic senators. They took flight to fight the bill. Such a simple idea may be strong enough to stop this bill from being passed...especially Now that the protesters are involved. If this happened on a more regular basis than good people like those fleeing senators could stop so many atrocities from occurring. Case in point? Maybe Prop 8 in CA. Would have bitten the dust. I will leave you all with one simple statement. WAY TO GO WISCONSIN!

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