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Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the Magic Sandwich - Faith in fakes, frauds, phonies, fools, cons, and charlatans

Uploaded by AronRa on Mar 4, 2011

Sunday March 6th 2011, at 2:00pm central time

The show is on Sunday 03/06/2011 @ 2:00pm Central, 8:00 GMT3
on http://www.blogtv.com/People/MagicSandwich

Hosted by dprjones with the usual suspects accepting calls.
See annotations.

If you would like to call into the programme please follow these instructions:

1. You will have to have a skype account.

2. Send a friend invite to;
before the programme starts. (Any requests sent after the start of the programme will be ignored as it causes technical problems).

3. Send a message to "magicsandwichshow" stating the gist of your question.

4. If invited into the programme WE WILL CALL YOU - PLEASE DO NOT CALL US. (If you call us you will be blocked.)

5. Please ensure that you have headphones on and that you mute the blogtv whilst in the call.

For local times click on this link;

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