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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Thoughts On Anti-Evolution

I will never truly understand the reasoning behind anti-evolutionists. As a child, I was indoctrinated into the Roman Catholic faith. I believed in whatever information I was given about the faith. In other words, at such a young age, I was allowed to know all the shiny happy things about Yahweh, and the bible. I, of course did not know of the horrors the book had in store... Why bother, it would have just confused me, right? I grew up in a fairly structured life. I knew very few people (none that I can admittedly tell you at this point) that were not also of the Roman Catholic faith.

I had the daft idea that everything I learned could be integrated in some way with the knowledge I had of Christianity. The sun was made of gases that burned brightly in the sky. Well, why not? Why wouldn't a deity of such power think of using chemistry to shed light on his people. I was sure miracles and magic existed, but assumed it was only used in early creation, then allowing for nature to take it's course.

I then learned about evolution. I was in awe of how simple the basics of it really
where, and loved the idea that one animal could come from another. Being little more
than a child at this point, swinging from trees and hanging out in the woods was pretty much a norm for me, so the idea of evolving from an ape-like creature seemed perfectly possible. I was still a Christian at this point. Why would I not be?

Evolution, in itself does not disprove the existence of God. Just like the sun, I just assumed God created life, and let time and nature take it's course. Though I had already thought that Adam and Eve were simply part of a metaphor, evolution dragged me back into thinking that maybe it was more real than I had thought. Perhaps Adam and Eve were simply the first Humans after we evolved...

It was not till I was fifteen, and began seeing the horrible things that Christianity had been doing since it's inception, that I began doubting my faith. I started to see patterns in people's behavior, and noticing very odd things in the traditions we shared. One tradition was Christmas. A celebration that had much to do with snow, pine trees, candy and gifts. Christians told their children of Saint Nicolas and his reindeer. I could only wonder at this point how any of these traditions started since Jesus was born in Israel...A Desert area. I began to do some research...

I found out that EVERY tradition came from Pagan beliefs of one sort or another. Even their angels were ripped from Pagan traditions. The Pagan god? Well, he looked a lot different in the Christian mind. His deer had hooves instead of him, and he gained some weight, but... Even the partly secular tradition of Saint Valentines Day was based loosely on a Pagan god(s) named Baal/Nimrod/Pan... At any rate, I could not carry my belief system because I did believe in some sort of hell, and pretending that these beliefs and traditions were derived from Christianity was a lie. Liars went to hell. I became a Pagan.

When I finally left the Pagan faith about ten years later, it was because of a book called Neo-Tech by Frank R Wallace. I won't get into what it's about, but it's a great read, if not very, very long. From about a third of the way through the book, I was an Atheist.

As an Atheist, I began reading, and watching many videos on religion. This was the first time I ever heard of the anti-evolutionists. I did then, as I do now, think these people are without a doubt the most blatantly ignorant people alive. Remember, even as a child, I held my Catholic beliefs, and understood evolution as a fact. I could not imagine a world (back then) without a god in it, and since evolution was real, it must mean that God had a hand in it. It was simple logic (for a theist).

I do not believe in any gods now, though I hold a special place in my heart for Pagans and their beliefs. I may never, however, understand why anyone, theists included, could deny evolution. It is a given. It is something that simply is. Like gravity, and electricity, everyone will eventually have to stop denying evolution.

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