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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why All The Anti-Evolution?

Uploaded by ONESPECIES on May 15, 2011

Please share this video with religious people, and mainly with the anti-evolution audience.

When it comes to Anti-Evolution groups among the religious, there are many alleged causes. Some popular views on this issue are that its a conflict of Dogma with Fact, that its a remnant of the old battle between Religion and Science, or that it is a problem of ignorance. Without denying any other proposed cause, I present in this video my views on the deep causes of the Anti-Evolution rhetoric.

Watching at HD 720P will improve your viewing experience.

If you are a religious person denying Evolution please watch the video and consider the points made carefully.
If you are Atheist or Religious but accept Evolution, I would like you to consider separating the Salesmen of bankrupt ideas from their followers, and treat each one according to their intent and responsibility, not their factual errors.

Are we understanding Anti-Evolution enough to stop it as a phenomenon?

For actual refutations of Creationism or other similar Ideas, follow the links:

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