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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thunderf00t - TheThinkingAtheist Interview

--My thoughts (sorry, but very random thoughts...) pertaining to this video;

So there was no judgement day, and jesus did not come back to damn the world to hell. Well,... he didn't return, but he was apparently crucified again... by himself... First,

when talking about the premade holes in his hands... two words come to mind: "Fucking owww!!!!"...then two more... "bloody moron!". If jesus did exist, and was crucified,

there were no holes in his hands. Caluses, but no holes. The holes would have been in his wrists. Personally, I'm not convinced they used nails anyway, rope would be easier

and less messy.

As far as Mr. Camping, I only have one thought... "Bwahahahaha!"....ok, maybe two... I think he's awesome!! Not only did he make all of christianity look like fools

(including those who didn't believe him...or said so anyway...), but he also spent millions of christian dollars on NOTHING. A whole bunch of christians are slightly less

powerful now because they gave their money to him, and he spent it on the equivilent of an april fools joke!!! ROFL!! Not only that, but some even started giving their stuff

away because they really believed it!!!

Thunderfoot.... He explained that he got his handle from playing capture the flag in Unreal Tounament online. He said that it Thunderfoot sounded like his was a fast runner.

No.... LIGHTNINGfoot is a fast runner. THUNDERfoot is someone who can't sneak to save his life because it sounds like he's wearing clogs... just a thought...lol

What he said about Coughlan was ass backwards. For staters, I do not doubt that Coughlan started the fued between them. Let's face it, he even calls himself The Dick. And

yes, as a comic, Coughlan know how to get a laugh at the expence of others. However, Thunderfoot did his part to the best of his ability as well. The only times I've heard

Coughlan mention Thunderfoot, it's been because of something he thinks TF (let's make it easier, shall we?) said, and thought he shouldn't have, like Draw Muhammad

Day, or because TF said something about him that was disrespectful. It usually goes like this. TF insults Coughlan, Coughlan retorts, TF does not respond, Couphlan gets

irritated, and tries again, and still gets no response. As far as Coughlan trying to stir up shit with other Youtubers,... sometimes, maybe, but usually he just gives his remarks

on other videos like every other YouTuber out there. And he does tend to play devils advocate. He won't choose a side, if both are in the wrong.

Talking to the first caller, TF mentions that division among Atheists has a negitave impact on Atheism in general. That is where he differs from most of the Atheists I know.

Atheism and Rationalism is ABOUT division. It does not mean we have to hate each other, but we need to have out own opinions after sorting through the information. We

don't have to come out left, or right, we just need our own opinion. He himself talks about that specifically when talking about creationists vs evolution. He speaks about

creationists befrauding people by saying something is either created or conjured by chance, and there is no other option. Well... the same goes for pretty much everything in

life, and Rationalists especially need to remember that. We can't all take a single side. If we did, science would never be where it is today.

And for my last thought... Someone told a story of how their mother cut contact because they wouldn't let her preach to their daughter. I have actually thought of this quite a bit. I am from a family of Born Agains. I, obviously, am an Atheist. When I have a child, it WILL NOT grow up a theist of any sort. No one from my family will be allowed to preach to it ever. It is likely that certain members, at least one, will say that I have no choice but to let them. It is sad, because I do care about every member of my family, but I WILL break ties to anyone who defies that rule, no matter how much I care for them. Just because they don't know any better does not mean I will have to let it happen. When my child reaches an age where it wishes to choose, I will give it my blessing, regardless of which path it takes, but it will not be the choice of those closest to it.

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