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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dissecting Truth: Creationism versus Evolution

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Why do creationists use the same arguments (and yes, I could tell these kids were creationists before either began to talk. Can you say young republican?)? These arguments are simply wrong. Ok, no, there is no precise model of how the universe began (This has nothing to do with evolution by the way, you would know that if you did the work.). There are theories of how it all began, based on evidence that fully supports it. The little bits and pieces that we haven't figure out yet do not point to a god. They point to more research.

The god of the gaps falacy is simply annoying because every conversation goes in pretty much the same way. Think of a huge jigsaw puzzle. There are five pieces missing. Does a god explain this? No. Someone just lost pieces. The conversation tends to go something like this...

"Who made you?"
"No, you're parents. Who made them?"
"..no... your grandparents..."
"My grandfather died before I was born so there is no reason to believe he had any part of it..."
"...so... God did it?"
"I need a drink."

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