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Monday, October 3, 2011

An Atheist's Definition of a "Christian"

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The speaker in this video is an utter moron. Hitchen's definition of the word Christian is true even in the most literal sense. If you believe in the Abrahamic god, but don't believe in Christ, or what he did, than you are not a Christian. That is the basis of that word. Christ-ian. That is blatantly obvious. I would assume that would make you Jewish or deistic if I am not mistaken, if you don't take into account any of the other profits.

All Christians are bowing to a false profit anyway. I know little of the others but Christ prophesized the end times WITHIN THE LIFETIME OF THOSE OF WHOM HE WAS SPEAKING. This obviously did not happen. As such Jesus Christ, assuming his existence, is a false prophet.

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