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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pray for Texas, or Laugh at it?

Uploaded by Thunderf00t on Aug 6, 2011

Rick Perry is having a prayer convention to correct the problems that he was too incompetent to solve, and that it was his job to solve!

Now it must be said that Gov. Perry has no faith in prayer to solve anything. I can tell you for certain when he gets a flat tire, his first thought is not 'damn, I must not have prayed hard enough, and the only solution is to pray some more'. Nope, he calls AAA or fixes it himself.

So why does he think, given that prayer is ineffective at solving small stuff, that it can fix big stuff. My guess is he probably doesn't, but it plays well with the unwashed masses of the faith over facts brigade that constitute a significant amount of texas's population, and it's required if the man wants to run for president that he has the backing of the religious right.

However the sad thing is there is a religious right, for who this will be 'That Rick Perry has faith, I should vote for him'.

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