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Monday, August 29, 2011

How Richard Dawkins Destroys Science

I have found another video on YouTube that has disabled comments and ratings. So... I will post it here with the comment I would have posted on YouTube. No one censors me.

Actually, Mr Craig is almost correct. You do not need to explain the explanation for the explanation to be credible. However... Every explanation HAS a further explanation. This does not destroy science, it is how science works. HIS idea that infinite regression is a bad thing, and something to fear is simply childish. If we did not look for explanations, then try to explain how those explanations are true or false, science as we know it would be stagnant.

Even a child knows to continue asking questions. Everyone has heard a child ask a question, then follow it up with a great many "Why?" questions. Obviously, Craig cares less about finding truths and answers than a simple child. Maybe he simply knows it all. Wow. Here is God, right under our noses!

Furthermore, posting a video stating your opinion, then not allowing comments or ratings just screams 'LIAR'.

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