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Monday, July 18, 2011

Praising the WBC

Yes, the title says much. The WBC or Westboro Baptist Church has been in headlines more and more as of

late. Signs saying 'pray for more dead soldiers', 'god hates fags' and 'god killed your sons' are well known to most of us here in the states. No one thinks they will resort to any real violence, so they are ignored as the ignorant inbreeds they are.

Ok,... So they are ignore to a point anyway. Many people, though mostly Atheists, have been ripping them a new one and making them look even dumber than they already do at every step. Even Thunderfoot, with his vast patience, sat down with them and discussed the finer points of the bible. I give him credit since one of the woman he was 'talking' with would have been unconscious and bleeding had I been in his chair, woman or otherwise. How he tolerated this loudmouthed buffoon is beyond my comprehension.

Most Atheists would likely disagree with me on this next point, and I will probably get a verbal lashing in the comments below. I think the WBC is great. They should be well liked by the Atheist community. No one since Hitler has done more against Christianity than the WBC. Christians now look even more ignorant, and slightly insane. In fact, I would probably bet that Christian recruiting is at an all time low.

I think the WBC who are doing more against Christianity that the Atheists should be praised for their efforts. Someone should even send them a plaque stating that they are Honorary Atheists. Seriously, we need all the help we can get. I have yet to see a parody of Christianity that comes close to the WBC. Have your fun you lovable little morons! You are making things much easier on those of us in reality!

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