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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exerp from Youtube Postings

Basically, some idiot starts ranting about President Obama being a Muslim,... who are apparently all going to take over America.... anyway, I refuted something he said, and it lead to the following conversation.

@skywize well have fun with ur muslim country then faggots, deffend ur herifuckingtage.
--Hagethorst 5 days ago

@Hagethorst I don't have single heritage. I'm an American, but I have Native American, Scotch, and Dutch blood. Very few people have a single heritage. Those who stick to one culture stagnate and die. I am guessing you are from somewhere around the bible belt?
--skywize 5 days ago

@skywize im just saying, look at europe and look what all the immigrants bring, our eurpean christian culture needs no change, neither does ur american culture. You will see what happens man, gl. I've almost never been to church, altho im no atheist -.-
--Hagethorst 5 days ago

@Hagethorst You're completely wrong. The very first civilizations flourished because of trade, which exchanged ideas between different cultures, including most importantly the technology of agriculture and writing. All great empires have fallen because they got too large, while trying to secure and/or impose their stagnating culture. America is a very young country. Some brilliant empires in china only lasted a couple 100 years. Exchange of and change in culture is essential to progress.
--jesschappellable 5 days ago

@Hagethorst Immigration can be bad thing, but it can also broaden our outlook on the world and bring new ideas. Culture always needs change. No culture can engulf itself with a single religion and not suffer the consequences. Every faith has it's good and bad bits. If a country is run by a single faith ALL of it will be a part of that country. Think of an entirely Christian nation with Christian law. It would be a very scary place to live.
--skywize 5 days ago

@skywize lol...you are talking about mexican immigrants who are catholic, nothing wrong with them hard workers and religious people, im talking about black muslim scum coming from africa day in day out to europe. u don't have black muslim scum sailing with a boat to ur shore's. i woud LOVE to have christian immigrants, 99% hard working people.
--Hagethorst 4 days ago

(....Just so you know, I said nothing of Mexicans...)

@Hagethorst I don't really have issue with Muslims. I haven't known many, but they tend to be good honest people. Also, they tend to be quite civil and embracing. This may not be the norm where you come from. The ones that came here adapted to our ways in order to survive. It's good to know your culture, not to be trapped by it. It is better to know many cultures and pick and choose what suits you best. This is what the Christian culture did. It assimilated parts of other cultures to to grow.
--skywize 4 days ago

@skywize true, whatever. gl with ur subway bombings and scryscrapers
--Hagethorst 4 days ago

@Hagethorst Fine, ok. And you have fun with your Witch burnings, gay beatings, history doctoring, science banning and killing of anyone with a different color than you.
--skywize 4 days ago

@skywize so ur basically saying that that is what a christian country does? u fucking retarded extreme leftwing motherfukker. u must be a filthy muslim rat aint ya
--Hagethorst 3 days ago

@Hagethorst What I am saying is that no religion should have any power over any country.... or anything else for that matter. There is no difference between some idiot Muslim blowing up a building because his invisible friend told him to, or some idiot christian murdering a doctor, or beating a gay man to death because his invisible friend told him to. No one over the age of 10 should have an imaginary friend. This is what medication is for.
--skywize 3 days ago

@skywize Faith is a philosophically significant element of our reality. Don't be a hypocrite.
--TheDuckmonk 4 hours ago

@TheDuckmonk Reality and faith have nothing to do with each other. There are no gods in reality. If you have gods in your reality, perhaps you should wonder why your reality is different than that of the Hindus, or Muslims. They are certain their gods exist, as you are certain of your own.
--skywize 2 hours ago

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