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Thursday, July 21, 2011

God, Evolution, and Our Place in the Cosmos (Collaborative Video)

Does Evolution Disprove God?
I just watched a video that annoyed me to some extent. I don't usually mind agnostics, but this rather grinded at me. The gist of it was that faith and science were not enemies, and that science could never disprove god. It also suggested that the reason for science was to learn all of gods great mysteries in order to praise her better.
Well, that's my queue! Um... Ahem.... BULLSHIT. Thank you. Science is religion's enemy. It's been that way all along. Science, mathematics, literature, and especially history are all mortal enemies of religion. Also, let's not kid ourselves, the video was all about the Christian god, not religion as a whole. Deism is pretty much safe from science, because it is completely vague, but nothing else is.
The truth of the matter is, Christianity has been attacking science for so long for nothing. Science is not at risk of killing god. History has already done the deed. We have no evidence that Christ ever walked the earth, but I won't discount the idea. There is evidence, however that certain details were wrong in the bible's accounts of history.
As far as Christianity and science getting along, I don't want it too. There is no place for religion in science and no place for science in religion. You can't shit on science every chance you get, and then say 'but we can be friends'.... It's idiocy. Don't believe a word of it. In fact, pay close attention to the words people speak. "Science is a way to understand god" sounds a shit load like "we must teach the contraversy".
I don't care how sweet something sounds. A lie is a lie.

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