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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hell is Real. I Went There - A Young Girl's Testimony 3 / 3

Uploaded by SpikeNRoxi on Nov 24, 2009

A testimony of a young girl that had a near-death experience and was shown heaven and hell. God brought her back and gave her a second chance.

--ok, I call bullshit. For one, I'd like to see proof this girl croaked. Also EVERYTHING she has said sounds very very familiar. I've heard the same shit from preachers all over the world. There are two scenarios.

1. She really did die, and was brought back by god (and a defibrillator). There have been many people telling tales of the after life and guess what... they all talk about heaven or hell... from THEIR OWN PERSPECTIVE! That's right, if you are a true bible thumper, than heaven and hell look just as they are depicted in the bible, save for interpretation. If you are a lapsed Christian, it looks more like a tunnel of light and lots of dead relatives. Whatever you believe heaven or hell look like can appear to you as your brain gets starved of oxygen. That's the way it works.

2. She's fucking lying. Any idiot can tell people in explicit detail what the after life looks like because they have been told over and over by their church/temple/etc..

This video is a farce.

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