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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Criss angel Gets owned by Uri geller !!!

--This user,...who has disabled comments and ratings... has made the assertment that Gellar was stating the answer in his ramblings, As the answer was 911, and his rather long answer contained those numbers.

This is a common proof of idiocy in people who believe in fake things. Yes, Gellar spoke the numbers 1 and 19. He also said the numbers 20 (before the 19) and 40, and another 1.

He was not answering anything. This had nothing to do with his fake psychic powers, nor was he trying to make believe it was. This was a random bit of conversation that happened to contain numbers.

However, if you want to believe he was making a prediction, his prediction was 12,019,401. Well done spoon bender!

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