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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have been having a slight issue as of late. My problem is that of intolerance. I am not referring to bigoted religious zealots, I am speaking of myself. I have had a very difficult time lately when it comes to theists trying to argue their point, failing, then reasserting that same point. The slightly more intelligent ones tend to rephrase said ascertion, but it is all the same to me.

I will try and give you the simplest example I can;

"I don't believe in any gods"

"Then you are going to Hell. You don't want to go to hell do you?"

"I don't believe in Hell. It is part of the same mythology that your god is from."

"God is not a myth! You sir, are going to Hell!....You Don't want that do you?"

Right now Jiminy Cricket is jumping up and down on my shoulder screaming "Run Asshole Run!". I smile as sweetly and understandingly as I possible can, and try and explain why threatening me with an invisible stick is useless unless he can prove its existence. All the while I'm scraping my feet on the ground like a bull ready for some fun.

This reaction is just fine when I'm debating (if you can call it that nowadays) on the internet, but when I'm face to face with someone being that blatantly ignorant and stubborn, I'm a bit scared what I might do next. Mind you, until just a few years ago, I had an extremely short fuse, ready to blow at any moment. I've spent the last few years learning to calm those instincts. This worked until recently.

So world...What Do you do to keep yourself stress free? Specifically, what do you do to keep yourself from knocking some idiot on his ass? I would love to learn some new methods because the more I look around, the dumber the world seams to get.

Yours Truly

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