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Monday, January 9, 2012

Commercial About Atheist Authors

--Maybe, we should all worship one god, and kill those who believe in any other gods, or none at all. We can this new movement the Crusades! We can find those who believe in more than one god, and burn them at the stake! We can torture those who don't believe in the same fables that we do, until they submit to our beliefs, or die. We can use the TV to tell our sheep that perfectly natural disasters devastating millions of lives is our god punishing the sinners!

We can go to impoverished countries riddled with Aids and tell them that our god doesn't want them to protect themselves. We can tell our women they must marry their rapists, and birth their offspring. We can make sure that only those who believe as we do are allowed to marry, and try to stop real science from being taught in our schools! We should replace this with say... our own creation myth!

@swimmerfish34 Isn't it funny how back you had to go to show just how evil Atheists are. Isn't it funny how I could name a number of atrocities happening this very day? Think about that before you answer.

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