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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pushing Atheism

Some people have asked me, in not so pleasant words why I

"push" Atheism. Push... Now that word they do use. It makes it sound

like I'm dealing crack doesn't it? They like those buzz words don't

they? Actually, this is part of the answer. Words.

Many people think that I simply hate god. I love it when they

bring this one up...just love it....it just makes me want to hugg

them, and kiss them and stab them and...oops, off topic.... I do not

hate god. I don't hate god, and I don't hate trolls. Why? neither

exist. Like the boogie man, there is nothing to fear but fear itself,

and there is no one to hate when they don't fucking exist!!!!...oops,

off topic again! I do that, have you noticed?

Do I hate religion? Yes, christianity, and all those with a

singular deity most. I hate them because of, like I said, words. This

is something I noticed at a very early age, as I am sure many of you

reading this have. When having a conversation about, let us say,...

computers... People have a directness to their speech patterns.

Mostly, there are many truths, some lack of knowledge, and maybe a

small lie....usually pertaining to the lack of knowledge.

When people talk about money, there is a slightly different

aire to their speech patterns. Usually they are either confounded, and

add an overwhelming amount of truth, or they are slightly arogant, and

you can sense some lies. All these things are normal, and anyone can

notice them.

When people talk about whatever god they believe in, there is

a completely different feel to it. There is a synthetic peace that

follows them as they speak, a kind of drugged whispyness....I'm pretty

sure that is not a word, but go with it... I have heard my mother talk

about her god and there is a definite ignorance to the sound of her

voice, a childlike blindness to all things outside of the fantasy

world she is currently staying in.

When the faithful speak of morals, that ignorant feel is there

as well, even when speaking of an ideal you hold as well. When you

lie, as an Atheist, you feel bad for the person you lied to. When you

lie as a christian, it is a sin. This, right here is the ignorance I

am speaking of. There is no pity for those they lied to, but it's a

sin, so they did wrong.

When a young girl is impregnated due to a rape, and has an

abortion, a normal person feels sorry for her and what she has been

through. A christian feels nothing for the girl who just "killed her


So,... Why do I "push" Atheism? I do so because it is reality.

I do so because christianity, and it's sister religions are vile, and

their followers are ignorant fools, who in many cases are just as

vile. I hate religion because some little boy in Nebraska will be

taught that black people are evil, and given a cone shaped hat for his

eighteenth birthday. Religion sucks, and so do most of the religious.

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