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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gay Adoption

I have seen quite a bit of verbal crap thrown at gays, and their wish to adopt. Most people say that gays should not adopt because a child needs a mother and a father.... sorry, most religious nutjobs say that. They say that a gay coupple will damage the child, or not really love the child.

Where do foster children come from? Well, obviously, a foster child comes from a loving, wonderful strait couple that decides to give their child to someone who can't have one.... Bullshit. Most foster children are born from neglectful, careless, and sometimes drug addicted, and abusive degenerates. Not all of them, mind you, some come from rape victims who have been forced to give birth by uncaring family. Needless to say, most of the children in foster care have no biological parents worth their own lives, no less the lives of the children.

Alot of foster kids are the result of strait women who have a night of fun without protection. These people, like the rape victims, are told that they cannot abort the pregnancy because of some assholic belief that the growth inside them is a person. It's not. When it breaths fresh air, it's a person. When it needs to be hooked up to human, or a machine to survive, it's a parasite. A vegitable, replacing life extending machines with a human. So, it gets born into a family that does not want it, and in many cases, abused and neglected by someone who has no right to bear a child, or too young to do so.

Now this child is in foster care, or some other care facility hoping to get adopted by some nice couple. Most strait couples won't do it. Why should they, a male and a female can have their own, why would they help someone else's? Mind you, most of these children have been scared for life because of their biological parents, so adopting them is a real charity for someone who can have their own. I applaud these people, they are a gift to the world.

So strait couples are few and far between. This means that most of these kids will never be adopted, and spend their entire young lives in these facilities.

Now... A gay couple wants to adopt. Well, sorry, you can't, because "a child should have a mother and a father".... since the ones who created him were pillars of love.....

So, a strait couple won't adopt, and a gay couple won't be allowed to adopt because the people in charge are ignorant zealots. Who is left to adopt these kids? No one. Have fun in foster care, where many of the "parents" keep you around for the monthly check.

Religion should be abolished, and it practices should be illegal.

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