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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our atheists are better than yours

'I don't believe in god, but I'm not mad at him.' You can't be mad at something you don't believe in. I'm not mad at gremlins or trolls either. That's a pointless statement, a point that Christian people try and argue against atheists.

'I became an atheist because I'm not a joiner.' You can't disbelieve something because you are 'not a joiner'. This perpetuates the myth that atheism is a fad, a cult, or something you 'practice' with friends... another thing that Christians argue.

'...in many ways atheists act like a religious body...' Atheists try and limit the hold that religion has, and try and uphold the idea of separation of church and state. It is not a religion, but a lack there of.... yet another thing that Christians try and pin on atheists.

'There's another myth that conservatism is somehow hostile to atheism.' This is not a myth. Try getting elected pretty much anywhere in the U.S. while people know you are an atheist. You don't count, for reasons I will get into in a bit.

'...a healthy respect for the role of religion in society...' Concervatives are mainly Christians. Of course they have a 'healthy respect' for religion... as long as it's Christianity. Aside from yourself, I don't know of many 'concervative atheists'. I doubt, however, that many have that 'healthy respect' considering what Christianity, and the concervative party has been doing politically to the people of this nation.

'...hostility on the left against intelectual diversity...' The left tends to embrase all religions, colours, and creeds. Most don't care one way or another, as long as improvements are made. Concervatives try to close the borders, impede on the rights of women and faiths other than Christianity, and keep the minimum wage below the poverty level, not to mention degrade the education system with propaganda about overpaid teachers, over budgeting educational systems, and allowing the religious right to force Creationist mythology into our schools.

'Bill Mayer thinks that 90% of the world has a neurological disorder.' He's wrong, and most atheists will say so. It is a mental problem, however, much like mind control, or a phobia. He's also wrong (If it was him that used that number) about 90% of the world, as less and less of the world is proclaiming a religion. Outside of the general warzone areas, religion is pretty much a coin flip.

In conclusion... You are not an atheist. I hate to break it to you. You use arguments directly off of most Christian websites, and obviously favor religion in general. I don't believe for a second that you are an atheist. I believe you are a Poe, a fake. You are either working for the religious right to make atheism look bad, or doing so on your own behalf, or simply using the status as a publicity stunt. The blatant way that you use Christian anti-atheist propaganda says that you do this intentionally. You should be ashamed.

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