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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two Big lies of atheism

-I guess I answered rather well the last time I posted to this guy, because he blocked me. Good. I'm usually quite benign when I talk on Youtube, but here?... I can rip the shit out of him.

first, I'd like to ask... How many Atheists are subscribed to this asshole just to get a couple of laughs every time he posts something? I love the fact that he rides a bike trying to pretend he's bad-ass. Dude, you are no AronRa. Your no biker by any stretch of the imagination. That may as well be a pink bicycle with a tiny little bell.

And by the way the idea that you 'used to be an Atheist..but...' no one believes. It's a very common lead in for a used car salesman like yourself. Professor Dawkins wrote about that specifically in The God Delusion.

On to your list. Two 'lies' Atheists tell....

Number One: Religion has taken a shit load of lives. This is not a lie, it is completely true. from the crusades to the Nazis, religion (mostly Christianity) has slaughtered more people than plagues or disasters. Have Atheists killed people? Yes. Why? They are human, and humans do bad things as well as good things. They just happen to do more harm when they believe in invisible magic men in the sky. The Christian god himself has (according to his own bible) killed off hundreds of thousands of people. If anyone wishes to know exactly how much death religion has caused, read an article by James A. Haught called Holy Horrors.

Number Two: "Atheists lack proof and evidence... As Christians, we have all kinds of proof and evidence"... um...uh... ok, I'm stumped. Where exactly is your 'proof'? In the gaps in the evolutionary ladder that pop up every time another one is filled? Are you waiting for a second by second time-line? That might take some doing. Read a fucking book... oops... sorry....

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